1. Finality

From the recording Technocracy


(verse 1)
Feel the rush consumed by terror, the moment closes in, this time it’s real
The surge before imminent death, unfamiliar to what happens next
Will the spirit ascend to eternal bliss or do we lay silent in sheer darkness?

All you love will rot away, in the end we turn to dust anyway
Doubt not the unknown, though if you may, provide some peace clinging to your faith
Beyond the flesh unto the grave, no guarantee we will be saved

(verse 2)
Dark conception, vanishing sanity, all sentient beings cease to exist
What once was warm and full of life will eventually turn cold at night

(chorus) repeat

Impending surrender, give in there’s no survival, erasing a blunder, uncharted world swept under
Merciful salvation, accept your termination, unwanted sensation, now face your own damnation

We remain nameless alive or dead
All we’ve done means nothing in the end
We will never know what lies ahead
All we love we hope to see again