1. Malevolence

From the recording Technocracy


(verse 1)
Mind prison…
Robotic motion resembling a face drools deceitful slogans of hate
Fooling the weak into perpetual mind prison

Dancing to the tune of the suffering
So naïve, so oblivious, so fractured
Manifesting for years in plain sight
So malcontent, hell bent to destroy

(verse 2)
So hell-bent…
The overstimulated cortex oozes from every orifice
While fantasizing the perks of purging the soul

(chorus) repeat

The modern day slacker hell bent and malcontent
A mental disorder manifesting for years
In a binary alternate reality
Black or white, chose your side or die

(verse 3)
The loudest voices suffer the ultimate self-inflicted concussion
Fooling the weak into perpetual mind prison

(chorus) repeat

Shell shocked beyond rehabilitation
Black glazed eyes seek only blood