1. Delirium

From the recording Technocracy


(verse 1)
We have been chosen, before me lies our fate
We are connected, can you sense it emanate?
Just before the words leave your lips the shockwave hits, the illusion slips
Close my eyes, hope to reprise, I’m never content, no no not by sunrise
Curiosity stirs in head full of questions, I ask myself, is this reality or delusion? No

Pierced by enduring stare all the answers unwind amidst your presence
In my dreams the loyal smile I recognize
Short lived it’s never enough, the horizon blurs and turns to fire
Falling down to the earth betrayed again by my own desire. Fall
Spanning across all dimensions our spiritual bond is forged

(verse 2)
Am I yearning for admission? I am visible?
Am I susceptive to deception? Losing all control
Just before I fall to my knees the apparition speaks, but you’re just out of reach
Self-manipulation, unconscious assassin, assured I cannot thrive without your direction
Submersed in a complex game, psychotic power, a lunatic’s reign

The flesh is paralyzed while the soul scours the heavens, deserts and the oceans
At last a glimpse of life, an elusive light flickers at the furthest edges of the universe
This dim phantasm comes into focus, I knew we would meet again, as insane at it may seem
Cosmic waves crash before us as I beg to know, beg to know your name and I realize we are one in the same

(chorus) repeat