From the recording Technocracy


Awake, to a world void of purity
Where temptation devours the weak
All innocence erased, cast down in flames
Persevere as though we are gods
Know we cannot alter the odds
Though balance will prevail
Just let it go

(verse 1)
Advised to be kind, shun evil and maligned
To resist the heartless and demons intertwined
Tested at the ripened age, virtues earned cease to remain
Sooner or later we shall succumb, one by one... one by one

He who faces his demise transforms into a wraith
In my eyes can’t you see? We can’t escape our fate
Will it ever leave, will it ever ease, the pain in my heart
While I’m left here knowing why my world fell apart

(verse 2)
Born for survival, perpetually at war
Spread thin, collapsing, under pressure we give in… again

(chorus) repeat

(verse 3)
Appear so sincere, but symbolically spread fear
Those who lead, those who bleed, mass hysteria they feed
A youth’s heart yearns for love while the jaded hates the world
The rival of ideals rages on in me… till the end

(chorus) repeat