1. Revelation

From the recording Technocracy


(verse 1)
Left behind, the wish we once shared
The fire in my soul is now ash of despair
Longing for answers, tap at the keys
Tip up the bottle to relive the memory
Tunnel vision, some say obsession
Encased in glass, trapped in a one-way mirror

(verse 2)
Young, numb, I fell in line
To feed the need, to protect my own kind
I reap what I sow, subordinate role
Smiles in old pictures are haunting my restless soul

(chorus 1)
No time to strive, abort the ambition drive
Surrender the past, those days are never coming back
Some walk the Earth never see the light

(verse 3)
Alive at last, clearly I see
All along you were right in front of me
Old, wise, grateful in time
Finally keen to true meaning of life
Step through the gate, go forth with no regrets
Empowerment, I avow I live for you

(chorus 2)
Now is the time, engage maximum overdrive
No time to waste, the fate of our force is interlaced
Heed my advice, live like you’re never gunna die
Some walk the Earth never see the light