1. Oblivion

From the recording Technocracy


(verse 1)
The bittersweet vengeance I taste on my tongue split down the middle in two
One side compassion, the other reason, which side shall I choose for you
Say your prayers

Fuel fear churning the masses, hostile and yearning for more
When the lie becomes truth we are lost we are doomed, spiraling into the sun
The world burns with or without us, behold the ring of fire
We will never live forever, march on righteous warrior into oblivion

(verse 2)
Nomadic emotion, erratic portray, exploit yourself while you’re insane
So put on a show, display for the fools, convince them you are not to blame

(chorus) repeat

All we know, see, think and feel, precise calculation formulated to seem real
Clashing ideologies, hijacked philosophies, utopian fantasies, try and rewrite our history
Force fed diversity for coveted nobility, beware the elite preaching inequality
Pinning one another to fight against your brother, remember we are born free
Only time will tell if we have the courage to transcend our disparity
March on righteous warrior, to the end

(chorus) repeat